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         The Ultimate Aged Release Collection

           1999 to 2004 Coonawarra Cabernet


This exclusive vertical collection gives you the opportunity to experience these great wines and compare and contrast the subtle differences from vintage variation and age development.

Begin with the excitement of picking up our design awarded bottle.  Pull the cork and be mesmerized by the aroma.  Pour yourself a glass and savour the lingering taste.


  • Multi award winning wines from great years

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 'King of Grapes'  matched with Australia's most synonymous region, 'The Coonawarra'.

  • Experience the additional softness, complexity amd balance evident in these carefully crafted aged wines.

  • Compare and contrast the different vintages with their subtle differences

  • Add the Ah-So - the 2 prong opener and filter to add to your collection of wine accessories

  • Read and enjoy learning all about these stunning wines

Why not personalize the bottles and or perspex lid of the box to create an exclusive personal or corporate gift?

The presentation of the collection is ideal for;


  • A Meaningful “Milestone” for a Birthday; Marriage; Academic Award; Anniversary etc

  • A Client “Thank You" for purchase of a top of the range car, boat; Luxury dwelling/property; a premium product.

  • An “Achievement” Award for a competition success; a career success; a business achievement; a corporate award.

  •  An “Exceptional Service Award for service above and beyond the line of duty.

  • An “Acknowledgement” for performing a special deed or service.

Limited Availability

Box contains;

  • 6 wines from 1999 to 2004

  • Ah-So - 2 prong cork remover

  • Filter with cap

  • Information detailing the wines, suggested food matching, wine serving and storage

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